The EmlinkV is a high quality 7 channel 5.8GHz audio / video wireless
interface.Designed for the CCTV industry the EmlinkV is enclosed in a small
IP65 rated enclosure, has a built in signal strength meter, status indicator,
directional patch antennas and two digital inputs for an external input and a
tamper circuit.

The tamper circuit monitors lid removal for both the transmitter and receiver, an
external tamper input to the transmitter and it also detects the loss of a paired
transmitter; either though power failure or signal jamming.

The transmitter’s digital input channel has been designed for a connection to a
PIR or door contact etc, the signal is then transmitted to the receiver and output
via a set of volt free contacts. The volt free output can also be programmed with a
timer period from 1 second to 30 minutes, which is activated after the input has
switched off. A typical use for this could be a control signal to drive external

The EmlinkV incorporates a very simple programming system were a single
switch allows the RF channel to be changed, pairing of a transmitter to a receiver,
programming of the output timer and selection of the status monitor. Connections
to both the transmitter and receiver are via a 10-way rising clamp connector for
the power, audio / video signals, digital tamper and input / output channels.

Both the transmitter and receiver are supplied with a robust wall / pole (additional
U bolts required) mounting bracket to allow X and Y movement. When used in
Conjunction with the internal 7 bar signal strength meter, reliable links can be

Each kit consists of:

1 x EmlinkV Transmitter
1 x EmlinkV Receiver
2 x Wall brackets

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