• Emlink1 433MHz Wireless Interface + Data Channel
The Emlink1 (Sold Individually) is one of the most advanced 433MHz wireless interfaces on the market today. Thanks to the Si54455 transceiver each Emlink1 can offer 2 inputs, 3 outputs, RS232 / RS485 data transfer, Emlink1 box repeat, built in signal strength meter and site survey mode, all in a small IP65 rated enclosure.

Programming of the Emlink1 is via a menu driven system using 2 switches and the signal and status LED’s. Other useful features of the Emlink1 is site survey mode which emits a beacon signal every 2 seconds, so an engineer installing the second unit will be able to see and position the Emlink1 for the best signal strength.

The 2 input channels on the Emlink1 can be used as an analogue input for remote monitoring (Data Logging etc) or simply as a switched digital input. Another useful feature for the inputs is to pair its own input to an output. Using this feature in conjunction with an output timer, the Emlink1 can work as a local timer while still transmitting itsstatus to remote Emlink1 units.

Outputs 1 & 2 can be used in one of three ways, Momentary, Toggle or Timer mode. The third output can be programmed as a tamper circuit which can monitor not only its own tamper switch but remote tamper switches and also monitor remote units for power failure, signal jamming etc.

On certain models a data channel is available. The data channel supports RS232 or RS485 hardware with built in protocols for Pelco P & D, Emlink and an open protocol. Pelco P & D offers support for CCTV where the Emlink protocol gives functionality to remotely control Emlink1 units via a PC and monitor their status (analogue and digital). The open protocol works as a wireless modem for small amounts of data throughput.

Each kit consists of:

1 x Emlink1 transceiver
1 x 433MHz antenna
1 x Rubber washer

Please Note:

A minimum of 2 Emlink1 interfaces are required to make a working system. 
Multiple units can be used in a single system.

Operating Voltage 12V DC
Operating Current (Idle) 25mA (Max)
Operating Current (All Relays & LED’s) 100mA (Max)
Relay Contact Type Volt Free
Relays Max. Working Voltage 30V AC / DC
Relays Max Current 1A

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Emlink1 433MHz Wireless Interface + Data Channel

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